Mitre Football Range 2018 - Review

Brand new to the market in February, the 2018 Mitre football range has been a big success already and promises to be a big seller once more throughout the year.

The UK’s best selling training football (Mitre Impel) is now available to purchase in three options, including: the Mitre (core) entry level, Mitre Impel Plus (premium training option) and the Mitre Impel Max (pro quality training football). We offer large discounts on the RRP for these popular style options and bigger savings can be made the more you buy!

Ultimatch is a name synonymous with junior grassroots football as it has been the ball of choice for 21st century. Just like the Mitre Impel it will be available in 3 options: Ultimatch Core, Ultimatch Plus (International Match Standard) and Ultimatch Max (FIFA Quality).

Finally, the Delta football range is a Pro Quality trio of offerings of the highest specifications adhering to FIFA Quality Pro guidelines, meaning the balls can be used at all levels of the game. The options include Delta (core), Delta Plus and Delta Max.