FREE Club Shops

FREE Club Shops

FREE Club Shops Now Available!

Take the strain out of the ordering process.

Get a Professional set up for your club, with our FREE OF CHARGE Club Shop feature. See FAQ's below for more details.

What does this include?

  • Online Product listings - with private log in. (either available to all members/supporters or private log in for key decision makers)
  • Club Clothing Leaflet with set prices
  • Preferrential prices on most popular selected equipment

What are the benefits of having a club shop?

  • Reduces Hassle & Takes the strain off your clubs volunteers - we can liase with all individual team enquiries
  • Saves time - set prices so no need to wait for quotes to be produced
  • Creates a Club Identity - Everybody within the club knows what product can be ordered
  • Earn rewards (see below)

What do I have to do to qualify?

  • An initial order of £500 must be placed to show your commitment to using us
  • A spend of £5,000 must be achieved annually for the hosting to be free of charge
  • Commit to exclusively purchasing the clubs clothing through Euro Soccer Company

Ok, but how do I monitor my spend?

We do that for you. As long as the person ordering within your clubs states who they are we, then we can track all orders and provide running totals upon request. We will then provide you with updates when closing in on spend targets.

Sounds great. What do I need to do to get started?

Simply contact us on 01332 666 595, visit our Derby Showroom or email and one of our friendly Sales Team can assist you through the process.

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