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Diamond Air Mannequin

  • The best of its type in the football mannequin market
  • Sold individually
  • Styled and inspired by the physique of a regular footballer, the Air Mannequin is extremely tough and difficulty to puncture
  • It already comes weighted and is easily inflatable - it has a bladder designed for the specific purpose of remaining inflated for many weeks
  • The mannequins unique design means it rolls back up into position automatically when struck, yet does not blow over even in the strongest of winds
  • The Air Mannequin is a favourite of goalkeeping coach Dean Kiely for use in training ground drills
  • Air mannequins now come unweighted and can be made ready for use in 2 different ways.
  • The supplied rubber base can easily be filled with water to give a great rock about performance, or the supplied empty sandbag can be filled with approx 15kg of sand to give a more rigid effect.
  • Nylon Casing, High Quality Latex Bladder
  • Available in colours: navy or red or yellow



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This item isn't kept in our warehouse and we usually arrange a direct delivery, or order the product in when sold. This can take a few extra days, but please double check with us if required urgently.

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