Mitre Impel Max Hyperseam Training Football (3,4,5)

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Mitre Impel Max Training Football - Top-Level Training Ball Option


  • Top rated training football in the Mitre range
  • Includes Hyperseam technology and superior PU outer coating providing a greater specification than the entry level Impel and mid-level Impel Plus
  • Crafted with an effcient and hard wearing 30 panel construction to ensure consistent and long lasting performance during intense training sessions.
  • Constructed with 'Vimini' outer texture for enhanced grip and control to help develop player skills.
  • 4.5 mm EVA soft-touch foam backing enables players to comfortably control and play the ball - inspiring youngsters to and ensuring confidence on the ball.
  • Increased durability through a PU outer material to resist constant use and offer superb performance - it'll become part of the squad.
  • Engineered with revolutionary Hyperseam™ technology for almost zero water uptake, helping the ball last in any weather - great choice for grassroot clubs.
  • White option - Please see fluo listing for other colours
  • Sizes available: 5 ONLY

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